New to Jacks Bathrooms

Installation without silicone

With BETTEUPSTAND, provides a hygienic, durable and most importantly, visually appealing solution. The BETTEUPSTAND allows baths and shower trays to extend under the splash-back and makes the use of silicone on the wall edge unnecessary.

Benefits: Hygienic. Safe. Maintenance-free. The BETTEUPSTAND is a 35 mm high, enameled upturn of the bath edge, 10 mm of which is tiled over during installation.

Shortened upstand: The BETTEUPSTAND can also be specifically adapted for corner or niche installation where the wall area does not continue. We recommend setting the upstand back by 10 mm. The front can then be neatly tiled over and the clear joint line of the splash back is retained.

Come see a BETTEUPSTAND in our showroom Wellington, Somerset.